Monday, December 22, 2008

Friendly Face Interview

Tara Ann Sowa

Tara is my sister's, sister-in-law. Does that make us family? In my book - it does. I've known her now for about 10 years or so. She is super tall, beautiful, fun, exciting and just down-right awesome!

Born: August 21, 1983

Resides: In Scottsdale, with Bob & Ava - in a comfy little house.

Married: Yes, since May 30, 2007 to the most wonderful man in the world.

Kids: 1 - my beautiful little Ava

Best Marriage Advice: To compromise, forgive, and love each other regardless of differences.

Work: Mommy by day, bartender by night. In other words...I babysit 24/7!

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican!! Love chips & salsa.

Who is your hero?: My mom. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and a wonderful mother. She's my closest confidant and my best friend.

What makes you laugh?: Ava, every minute of the day. Today she told me, "Mom, you drive me crazy."

What makes you cry?: Movies, sick children, and I know this is silly, but it makes me sad...people who eat alone at restaurants.

Favorite Color: Red

Pets?: A crazy golden retriever named Bentley.

Favorite Thing about Yourself: My height. I hated being tall growing up, but now I appreciate it!

TV?: The Hills, Grey's Anatomy, Big Brother, Desperate Housewives, and Weeds

Book: Twilight

World's Biggest Problem: The war and poverty

Best Childhood Moment: When my little sister was born. I was in 6th grade and couldn't have been more excited!

Pet Peeves: Old people driving!! Yes, I know they are so cute, but, they have slow reactions and they are usually too paranoid on the road.

Most proud moment: The day Ava was born and I became a Mommy.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: Still married, still in Arizona, and maybe with another child and a dog. Oh, and hopefully a degree in psychology.

Hopes for the Future?: Happiness, fulfillment, prosperity, and health for myself and my family.

Favorite Place to Visit: Chicago...where Bob is from and his whole family lives. I love the busyness of the city, too. It's beautiful.

Favorite Thing to Do: Hang out with the family. Going to Brett & Ashley's house so the kids can play and me and Ash can talk until 1am [or even later], and of course going to Target.

Biggest Surprise of 2008: That Bob let me get a dog! It took a lot of convincing, but as soon as Bob saw Bentley, he wanted him even more than we did!

Describe yourself in 1 Word: Energetic

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