Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trees, Cuddly Bear, and 911

Tonight was eventful at the Campbell house.

Brady got to take home Cuddly Bear yesterday from school. And, since there is no school on Wednesdays - he had it for 2 days. Whew...thank goodness. He has been waiting ever so patiently for his turn again with Cuddly Bear and it finally arrived. Cuddly Bear has gone everywhere with Brady for the last 2 days. They ate chicken nuggets together and Brady even "washed" his hands. Of course, Cuddly Bear sleeps with Brady. Cuddly Bear and Brady went on a jeep ride all afternoon and then spent the day with Jake and Rylee. Brady is thrilled.

Tonight we decorated the tree......I've said in the past that Bryan and I almost divorced putting together the tree the first year. Just kidding - but, sheesh - fake trees are difficult at first. It's like a 4 hour event with the assembly and decorating. Of course, Christmas Vacation and Elf entertained us during the event. Brady is SO getting into movies and loved them both. Lily was more interested in the bubble wrap surrounding the sections of the tree than the actual tree itself. Too cute. Oh, and of course Cuddly Bear was right there with us the entire time. p.s. - I gotta love Costco. We had to take our tree back and exchange it this year due to a strand of lights not working. No questions asked - exchange easy and quick. add to the smooth process...I now am able to use a topper!! I have missed my star topper the last few years with the fake tree as it never quite fit right. But...looks like Kirkland has made some advances in the trees - and now it fits perfect!!! Yeah Costco - I LOVE YOU!

Lastly, on the way home tonight, Lily was playing with my phone, after many minutes of whining for it. While she was playing with it - it rang several times. It's all I could do to get it from her safely while it took awhile. By the time I got it, 5 minutes later, it was ringing again for about the 5th time. I missed it, but checked the voicemail...EEEEEEEEK!! It was Tempe Police. Apparently, Lily had dialed 911 several, and I mean SEVERAL times. They were calling to say that they could tell a child was playing with the cell phone and that I need to take it away from her and reserve the line ONLY for emergencies. So...OOPS!! If our calls affected anyone trying to dial 911 - I apologize sincerely. Needless to say, Lily did NOT get the phone back and she cried the entire way home.

Lots of fun tonight. Highlights: Tree - decorated, interior - festive, house - lit. Christmas is near. Oh, and I can feel the pure delight and eagerness as Kris Kringle is well underway!


tara said...

OHHH! Brady and Lily are so cute. I can't believe Lil called 911:)!! Ava saw the picture of Brady and said "Oh my gosh, Brady got a new bear!" So please let him know that Ava thinks his cuddly bear is FABULOUS!
The house with lots of lights is on 44th street and Indian School. They take pics with Santa for $5. It's really cute:)

Karen said...

I love the tree, bear and I think it's great the Lily called 911. She's adorable.

Ashley said...

We sure miss cuddly bear over here! I can just imagine what Lily was saying to the 911 operator!!