Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just Like Nike

I love blogging. As I've said before...it's like a diary. Well, other than the fact that I technically am sharing this with the world....not that my life would interest anyone else other than me. But...I am SO sad because not very many of my friends/family are jumping on this bitchin' blogging bandwagon. Don't ya'll know how awesome it is to literally have nothing to say...yet, you really do, and people really read it.

I love reading blogs. And...95% of the blogs I read, I don't even know the person. But...people are interesting. That's why reality TV is so popular, right?

My friends, who shall remain nameless (but, you know who you all are), say - I don't have kids, I have nothing to say. TOTALLY FALSE. Blogging isn't always about your daily life and pictures and events - it's also about putting your feelings, thoughts, opinions, and emotions out there. We all have something to say. Leave it all on the line - totally vulnerable, totally free. It feels good.

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