Friday, December 5, 2008

I Wish, I Wish...

For a vacuum that works!!

We have had nothing but bad luck with vacuums. Probably due to the fact that I only buy the cheap-os...or get hand-me-downs. Yes, there is such a thing as a hand-me-down vacuum - thanks Donny and Stacey! But...theirs went kaput...after about the 2-3 years that we've had it. (Sorry - hopefully you weren't expecting it back) We really have been meaning to buy a new vacuum so that we could give this hand-me-down back - but, well...other things just always come up. And...who'd idea of fun is it to actually go buy a vacuum. Well, other than my mom's considering she buys one just about every year.

Well...we have been borrowing my mom's vacuum for the last 3 days - and I've grown quite attached. I will be sad to part with this little engine of suction that seems to make my carpet fluff like I have not seen it fluff in long.

So...goodbye sweet vacuum - until we meet again (which will probably be this weekend since we still have yet to buy your heavier, less fluff-powering distant cousin).

We love you!

p.s - Bryan and I have been fighting over who gets to vacuum with you. So light, you practically vacuum in auto-pilot.

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