Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Pictures

It's official - I have dropped the ball on Christmas card pictures. I am waaay behind.

Tonight - I pulled cute & cas outfits for the kids to wear. I had this "brilliant" (or so I thought) idea of decorating Brady's jeep with Christmas lights, putting the kids in the jeep and taking pictures.

So - here we are 8pm - outside - comfy clothes - no bra - taking pictures.

Appears our whole neighborhood was out. People complimenting Bryan on the lights and our gracious neighbors offering to babysit anytime. Sheesh - talk about awkward. I was somehow able to position my arms to avoid the "no-bra" stares. (sorry - I know the image is mindboggling at this point).

50 pictures later - still no Christmas photo. The session turned into a "fun" session vs. a serious, "I need a picture for our card, tonight" session. I guess we'll try again on Friday.

But...don't be too surprised if we don't get them out this year.

Here's what we got - don't mind some of the effects - I was trying something new...and since we're not using them - I'm not going to try to adjust them.

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Karen said...

I love the pictures, especially the last one.