Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friendly Face Interview

Janea Charise Harris

Janea is one of my oldest friends - we've known each other...for...I don't know about 18 years. Wow!! I am getting old. Anyways - Janea is one of those friendly, warm-hearted, would do anything for you kinda gals. She is awesome. She is the mommy to 4 of the cutest little girls ever. Yep - 4 girls - are they in trouble or what? And...each time, she gets her cute tiny figure right back...can't we all be so lucky. I love you Jay!

Born: Phoenix, AZ

Currently Resides: Gilbert, AZ

Married: for 10 years (can I get a woop, woop!!) to Christopher Harris

Kids: 4 girls - Brinley (8), Emma (5), Clara (3), and Aften (9 mo.)

Favorite Food: Mexican

Hobbies: Shopping and making necklaces

Favorite Childhood Memory: Vacations with my dad to San Jose, CA

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Thing About Yourself: I am very kind and non-judgmental

Favorite TV: So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, The Bachelor

Books: Twilight and Breaking Dawn

World's Biggest Problem: Government is involved with everything!

Biggest Challenge: Brinley, Emma, Clara

Describe Yourself in One Word: Stressed

Hopes for the Future: That my kids will have pleasant memories of their childhood

Dream Job: Judge for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Person You Admire Most: Emily...she is never ever stressed

3 Wishes: A baby boy, a lower house payment, and that I could be more forgiving

You are Most Happy When: I am on a vacation in a tropical place, laying on the beach, with no cares in the world.

Favorite Animal: Definitely Cats

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Fictional Character: Edward Cullen

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