Friday, December 5, 2008

It's all in a Name

Do you like your name? I struggled with mine growing up. In the 5th grade, there was a boy named "Don" in the class. So...Dawn and Don - kind of confusing, right? And...this was waaaay before the whole gender neutral name thing was popular.

I also hate it when I tell people my name at a restaurant and they write down "Don." How many female "Dons" do you know?

I have come to terms with my name. But, you know in school when you'd have to look up the meaning behind your names - Dawn means "daybreak, sunrise." Umm....duh - boooooring. I guess because my name is actually a word in use for the English language - my meaning is NO surprise. But...if we're talking about disposition and personality:

"sunrise" as in "sunshine"
as in "happy" = Dawn...don't you agree?

There are 460 other Dawn Campbells in the world. I went from being the sole Dawn Majercin to being 1 of 460. Yuck...original is SO much better! Not that I don't like Campbell - because I do, after all, it's super easy to pronounce. Just knowing I was the one and only was kind of fun. Kind of like going from a mom and pop coffee shop to a Starbucks - from a small quaint cafe to a chain.

What about you - how many of you are there in the world?

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Ashley said...

I love this one!!! I went from being the only Ashley Majercin to 1out of 34 Ashley Babcocks. Thats not as bad ad yours.

Karen said...

I have never liked my first name but I do like my middle name. I am the only Karen Pasquel around although there are 438 Pasquel's out there..

Cori said...

I am the only Cori Majercin and Cori Jouas! Sorry ladies!!! :) Kidding!

darcyb said...

So Darcie (the girl way) means something really pretty. Darcy (the way MY MOM chose to spell it) means the DARK ONE!!! I don't think I'm really dark and scary! :)

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Isn't that site cool. Cori - you're lucky and Darcy - you are NOT dark and scary :)