Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Happenings

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the busy, crazy, hectic day it is...

Here's the run-down of the typical - not so ordinary - Christmas Day of the Campbell Cutie household:
6:30am - Wake-up kids
6:35am - Brady questions as to why his new bike still has training wheels - silly Santa
6:35am - Open Santa gifts and family gifts
8:30am - Shower and ready for the day
9:30am - to Nanny & Poppy's for breakfast and more gift giving and getting
12:30pm - to Meme and Pepe's for a little afternoon visit and snack
3:30pm - nap in the car as we drive to Aunt Eileen's...well, the Cuties got to nap anyways
4:30pm - Aunt Eileen', Kris Kringle guesses & White Elephant
8pm - Home at last - wait - forgot that it looks like a tornado blew through our house...straighten up... a bit
11pm - zzzzzzzzz

Can't forget that in between the many of places we traveled during the day - spoke with the in-laws many times. I think they all had nice weather...and we got stuck with the rainy day Christmas.

As I look back over the Christmas holiday, I can't help but remember these key things:
  • Kris Kringle - once again...we were hooked up - thanks Aunt Eileen and Uncle Rich!
  • Brady telling Rylee - "we got Nanny that..." (when he was supposed be quiet about secret santa).
  • Lily - "Tanta, Tanta!!" - Most of us refer to him as Santa.
  • Walmart & Toys R' many times can I go to each one during the season?
  • Jake - "No-man broken" about all of the deflated yard snowmen.
  • Baley & Brady and their "Buddy" picture.
  • Lily - "Wow,, pretty" at every, every lit house!
  • Shipping both Christmas presents and very belated birthday. presents...sorry Justin, Hayden, & Rick!
  • The many, many Christmas cards...oh, how I look forward to each and every one. Especially the ones with Christmas letters - LOVE them! Maybe one day...I can barely get the cards out, let alone a letter, too!
  • "Reee, Reee, Reee, Elv, Elv, Elv!!!" - Lily wanting to watch Elf.
  • The love/hate relationship kids (especially Lilbugs) have with Santa. They LOVE him....from a distance.
  • Christmas Eve - stopping at Aunt Karen's on the way home from Barry & Alicia's. Brady saw "Santa" at a neighbor's Christmas party and then asked Aunt Karen..."where's his sleigh?" Best part...listening to her explanation - so great!
  • Brady opening presents and loving EVERY item...until he arrived at Nanny & Poppy's and didn't want any more clothes.
  • Rylee asking for flowers to plant Too funny!
  • Brady opening a present for Lily and saying, "Lily...look. Wow - oh my gosh, Lily!!!!!" Then, me asking, "What is it?" and Brady saying..."I. DON'T. KNOW!!!!" excitedly.
  • Macy's discounts...thanks Cori!
  • The multitude of white elephant exchanges...F-U-N!
  • Lily's obsession with candy canes..."tandy, tandy, tandy."
  • Worrying about the in-laws as they drive from NH to CO.
  • My first attempt at homemade gifts.
There is so much to remember...SO awesome. Gotta love Christmas. Gotta love family.

The day was crazy, it was down-right insane. But, it's what I know, it's what I love. And, now it's even better...seeing the excitement in the cuties' eyes. It's just pure magic. And I love it.

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