Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolutions

I actually just read something that said, "Few endeavors are more likely to fail than making New Year's resolutions." -

Totally true.

I'm usually not one that makes and actually sticks to a resolution...but, this year - I'll try even harder. Hmm...thinking about it - I do say that every year. But, this year...I'm actually writing (or typing) it down...So, it's way more meaningful... Well, at least I feel like it is.

Here are my 9 resolutions (9 is my lucky number):

1. Cook at least 5 dinners a week. This one shouldn't be that hard...since we are pretty much doing that now (other than the holiday crazy weeks.)

2. Eat dinner as a family more often - no TV & at the table.

3. Bring my lunch to work every day. This is a carry over from 2008 - worked really well throughout the first half of 2008. Unfortunately, just can't beat those Costco $1.50 lunches.

4. Read books to the cuties every night.

5. Continue bringing the Cuties to church.

6. Physical activity (walking, videos, gym, etc.) at least 4 times per week.

7. Family activities every week - park, ride bikes, zoo, etc.

8. Get together with friends more often

9. Kiss Bryan and say I love you more often. Unfortunately, the cuties sometimes take precedence and I need to remember the importance of my marriage - for me, the hottie, and the cuties' sake!

That's it....good luck to me!

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