Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy, Busy - and That's No Lie!

Weekend Overview

This was a busy weekend - gotta love the holidays.

Friday, 12/12...
Shopped, shopped, and shopped. The whole fam went shopping for others. We sure got a lot done!!

Saturday, 12/13...
10am - Brady's last game. There was a mom at the game selling bows. You know...the bows for hair? The ones that I learned to make here. And...that I showed everyone how to make? I love bows!! Little girls with extremely large bows/headbands/hats - whatever...SO cute! I bought one. Not that I couldn't make it myself - but her prices were good ($3) and it saved me a trip to the store for ribbon before Christmas. Brady kept saying that he wanted to slide on his belly - check this out...where did this kid learn this?:

11am - Shopping. Gotta love big families - the shopping never ends. But, I wouldn't change it for the world. It's the only time of the entire year that I don't cringe (well, not as much) at the purchase of gifts.

5pm - Drop the cuties of at my parent's - off to Rustler's Rooste for my work holiday party...or "year-end event" to sound more PC. Don't ya just hate that?? What's wrong with saying Christmas party? My co-workers are so awesome and we had a blast. Nice, relaxing dinner...and of course a little to drink. Bryan was the DD, so tipsy Dawn made an appearance.

8pm - Stopped off at Ikea and Dick's Sporting Goods on the way to pick up the Cuties...and shopped...again.

Sunday, 12/14...

10am - Off to Tuesday Morning. Have you ever been there? It was my first time - LOVED it! Picked up a pretty holiday box for my Ladies Luncheon.

11am - Picked up Ashley and off to the mall for a few "cutie" items...and to pick up lunch for the ladies luncheon. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy - Paradise Bakery.

1pm - Ladies Luncheon at Aunt Renie's house - 2nd annual. So much fun. We all bring a lunch wrapped up in a pretty box, or platter, or holiday towels, etc. Our lunch gets a #. Then we all pull #'s and that's the lunch we get - along with whatever basket/platter/box it came in. So fun - ladies only and boy do we have fun!! This year I got Ashley's lunch - so Paradise Bakery really was yummmmmmmmmmmy! Check out these photo ops:

3pm - Toys R' is almost done. In my defense, we went for some stocking stuffers and to pick up a present that my mom wanted Santa to bring to her house for Ry and Brady. They certainly will be excited!

4pm - To the 'rents house to decorate the tree and enjoy dinner. We got some cute pictures of the whole fam. I missed Christmas Vacation (we didn't watch it, we normally do) but, I'm sure I'll be seeing it a few more times before the season ends. You should have seen the boys putting the tree together (the fake one anyway) trying NOT to use the big ladder with a 13' tree. I will say a huge thanks to the boys for not only helping with the tree(s), but also for cleaning up after dinner.....I think they thought that by cleaning they wouldn't have to put the tree together. Sorry!! But - my mom sure was happy!

8pm - Home at last. Wait - the hottie went to play softball here in the freeeeeeeeezing cold and I took the kids home. Baths. Bed. Crafts. Relax.

p.s. Dougie played on Bryan's team and got a home run - woo hoo!!

Sheesh...What's going on next weekend?

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