Friday, December 19, 2008

Pretty, Pretty Lights

Don't ya just love Christmas lights? I do. And the cuties do, too. Sometimes, on the way home...we just drive through neighborhoods admiring the lights. Lily can now say "pretty" and that is what we here..."Wow. Pretty. Wow. Pretty." Too funny. Brades and I make games of counting the homes that we pass with lights. It's a real thrill in the minivan...aren't ya jealous?

We had been planning for a few weeks to make our annual trip to Zoo Lights. It had rained all we were thinking it would be cancelled...but, luckily the night was perfect. So...the Babcocks, the Sowas and us Campbell 4 - made the trip to the Phoenix Zoo for the lights.

After picking up some light-up necklaces for the older kids - we were off. Some key things to remember from the trip:
  • Scalding hot chocolate - thanks Brett!
  • Pink flamingos - or "mingos" as all the kids called them.
  • Rylee and Ava holding hands walking in the zoo.
  • The "real" giraffe doing the hokey pokey.
  • The music light show that brought the kids to silence and awe.
  • Brady telling me..."Let go of Jake and Lil" to let them ride down the big hill in the zoo...stoller only - umm..yeah right!
  • Jake eating the kettle corn with his white gloves.
  • And...of course, the carousel rides.

After Zoo Lights, the Babcocks and Sowas introduced us to the Phoenix home with lights, shopping, and Santa. Wow - the neighborhood was packed...and the lights were amazing. If you haven't been to the home near 44th St. and Camelback - you should definitely make a trip - it was awesome. And...for $7 - we got the kids picture taken with Santa. Brady was thrilled and...well, Lil was pretty much beside herself devastated. But, it made for an awesome picture. And...there was no line. Sorry mall Santa - you won't be getting our money this year.

It's definitely isn't Christmas without some serious light displays.


Ashley said...

It was a very fun night. Still laughing out loud at Brady jumping on to the reindeer!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! The Santa pic is too cute! I wish I could have gotten Ava to sit on Santas lap:(