Monday, December 15, 2008

Can't Live Without

Cell phones....Bryan proved us wrong.

Bryan has been lucky to have been provided a cell phone by his company for about the last 3 years or so. Now...they haven't always been the best phones (i.e. extreme short battery and constant low battery beep) but, it was a cell phone.

In September - his company severed their contract with the cell phone provider and went to a "reimbursement only" type cell program. So...Bryan had to get his own phone for reimbursement.

The saga begins.

Bryan was like a kid in a candy store. You could literally see the excitement in his big, glossy eyes when he would look at phones. But, luckily...his reasonable (some may say controlling) wife was able to restrain his splurges to buy the very best phone on the market with all capabilities that I am sure he would never use...or never be able to use considering we (or I) would not allow for the "data package."

About 3 months later - he finally selected a phone. And, although he did purchase one that was a bit above my price limit (the free phone is my price limit) he is in love with his phone.

I will say it is nice to be able to get in touch with him at all times now. be honest, it wasn't that hard before. He was either at work - at home - with me - or with a friend with a cell. But, he does need a cell - borrowing a friends is never fun in the year 2008. This is always associated with a joke and laughter.

It has been a good 2 weeks now with the new phone and I do find myself missing the comments from our friends and family - all of them - about Bryan and his lack of a cell phone in such a technological era. It made for some very great laughs.

Congratulations Bryan!! Welcome to the 21st century...FINALLY!


Ashley said...

YAY for Bryan!!! It was fun giving Bryan a hard time though!

Anonymous said...

Bryan needs a cell phone to keep in touch with his Mother, his Father and his sister. . . . end of conversation! Thank you Bryan for getting a cell phone and I'm glad you love it! You made all of your family very happy and we love talking and texting with you.
MOM (but I'm sure I speak for the rest of your family, too)

Bill said...

Its about time Bryan got his own cell. Although it was fun kidding Bryan about his wife holding him back from achieving this goal. Congrats to Bryan, next level is the data package.

Karen said...

Bryan: I am so glad that you have a cellphone. You have been such a great listener for Dougie, and available to him at all times. This will make it so much easier for him to get in touch with you. Yeah for you.