Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seriously Surprised!!

We seriously have the best - the VERY best - family EVER!

Saturday, May 8th - the whole fam decided to surprise us with a miracle shower for baby Charlotte...or Charlie as most of you refer to her. We were seriously surprised. SERIOUSLY SURPRISED! This is how it happened.

The week prior, my mom had told us that she won an award at work - Customer Service for Nursing - and that they were having a banquet for all of the winners and their families on Saturday, May 8th. This IS totally believable since she is just about the best nurse and her work does these elaborate there was NO reason not to believe it. All week my mom was dancing around about her "award" - it was adorable. So....Saturday - after painting and running around all day - we all cleaned up, stopped at the store to buy some flowers for my mom, and headed over to my parents house....for a congratulatory "toast." When we opened the door........SURPRISE!!!!! There was no award.

The Oscar goes to my mom....seriously. We were so shocked. The whole family was there. Food, conversation, cake, and presents followed. And....just for fun - a little poker. Yep - we played poker at baby Charlotte's miracle shower. dad and I split - so I think it worked out well :)

Thank you everyone!!! We feel so blessed to be part of this family!!!

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