Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where Have We Been - Wrap Up has been awhile.
The Hottie has reminded me.
Cori reminded me.
Even Ron reminded me.
So...I guess it is time to catch up a bit.

The Hottie says he would blog for me. He would take a picture of me at 8pm. Totally asleep. On the couch. Then...I could blog about how that is really what I have been doing. Can't you imagine this gigantic 9 month preggo laying on the couch, propped up on a gazillion pillows (heartburn) with the remote next to her...and probably drooling away? Wow - that would be an image. Thankfully...I don't even think he knows my that is an imagine that will have to stay solely in your imagination.'s a couple things we've been up to:

1. Getting approval on our house sale. Yep. We're moving. We finally got the go ahead and we close May 27th....woo hoo!! Yes, I'm sure it will be sad - but, for now we're focused on closing this chapter - starting a new one. literally 2 miles from the 'rents will be a definite bonus!! Oh...and definitely being able to focus on getting a room set up for Charlotte is definitely a plus, too....since she might very well be here before the big move. (But hopefully not)

2. Lots and lots and lots of baseball stuff. Yes, Yankee practices and games and more games. Brady is only 6 and he has 3-4 games or practices a week. Sheesh!!! What's going to happen if he really gets into a competitive league one day? I'm thinking something EVERY night!!

3. Finding a rental house. Thank goodness!!! One has been found. After multiple checks (probably 10 times a day by each of us) on, we have located a house to call a home. Bryan literally had to harass the realtor for a week to make sure we would be the first showing. She called us the minute she got the key back and we met her there. mom and I met her at the house. The old tenant was actually backing his last moving load out of the driveway when we arrived. After a walk-through - I gave the go ahead as I knew the Hottie would be mad if I let this one get away. The next day - the Hottie was able to walk through the house and give it two thumbs up. We've already got the keys and plan to move into the house in 2 weeks. Wish us luck!

4. Cosmic BINGO at the Fort. Yes, despite my large (very large) belly - I headed out the Fort McDowell with a large crew from the family and participated in the very first COSMIC BINGO session. It was literally awful. The music was terrible. It was loud. It was super vulgar...and I don't normally care about that. But, BINGO is supposed to be fun and relaxing. We couldn't hear the numbers and we couldn't even hear each other. I think it is a group consensus that we will NEVER do Cosmic BINGO again!

5. A chinese bbq at the Babcock's. Happy Birthday to Ashley!! The food was delish and the company was even better. Thanks guys! :)

6. Visit with the Osborn's. Yep, we got kind of a last minute visit from the Osborn's. Unfortunately for April, she had to have a surgery on her elbow. So...that meant the whole crew packed up and drove to AZ for the week. The cuties LOVED it!! And, so did we! We got to spend a couple days with the whole family and it was well needed. We've missed them!

7. Working. I'm still working - no bedrest!! Yippee!

8. Counting down the days to Talon's entrance to the world. I have been lucky enough to share my pregnancy with my cousin, Rainie. I love to be pregnant with makes the time pass quicker and it makes it so much more fun! This is her first and we cannot wait till his arrival. If he doesn't make his entrance this week...May 10th is the big day!! Yay!!!!!

9. Buying paint for the new house. Yep - we're painting. We're going with almost the exact it will probably feel like our exact house. Couldn't be more perfect.

10. Letting my dad negotiate for us. Tonight, the most exciting thing happened. We went by the new place with my dad and brother. We were really just dropping off the paint and showing the place to my family. When we arrived - the owner was there (attempting) to put up blinds in the TV room at our request. Well...he'd been there since 9am. It was almost 5pm. In the entire day there - he had managed to put up some ugly curtains in the front room (that will immediately come down) and had put up the bracket to only ONE blind. Just the bracket. He had 6 blinds to put up, 2 ceiling fans, and 2 light fixtures. At that rate - he would still be there when we moved in. So...we volunteered to do it all for him and he knocked off a few hundred dollars off our first months rent! Can you believe it?? Yippee!!! My dad rocks! Thanks dad!

So...this is the last 10 days or so in a nutshell............the next few weeks are going to be B-U-S-Y!!!


Robin said...

Dawn, let me know how I can help with the move and baby prep!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Thanks Rob!!! You're awesome :)