Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lilyisms - Lions

A recent conversation with Lily....

Mommy: Lily did you pick up your toys?
Lily: Uhhhhh...yep.
Mommy: Really...all of them?
Lily: Yeeeeeessssss.
Mommy: No you didn't. Your babies are still all over your room.
Lily: No they not.
Mommy: Lily, are you lying?
Lily: No. They. NOT!
Mommy: Lily - no lying. That is not nice.
Lily: I not a lyin.'
Mommy: Yes you are bugs. Lying means not telling the truth. You are lying.
Lily: NO I NOT. I NOT A LYIN'!!!
Mommy: Lily, this is not nice. Stop lying.
Lily: I not a lion. I Lily.
Mommy: (finally getting it)'re not a lion. And what does a lion say?
Mommy: Lots and Lots of giggles.

Hmmmm.....miscommunication at it's finest.


Heidi said...

Awe! too cute!!!

Karen said...

That is the cutest thing I've heard. Way to go Lily.

Robin said...

So funny!