Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I'm the Worst Wife Ever!

Monday was the Hottie's birthday.
The big 33.
He feels old.
I laugh.
But, I agree...we're sure getting up there.
This is how we celebrated:
Last weekend we relaxed.
No plans.
It was awesome.
Saturday night - we watched movies at my parent's.
It was completely spur of the moment.
It was relaxing.
It was perfect.
Sunday, we went to lunch for his birthday.
Yes, we're fancy.
The Hottie played in 2 softball games that night.
The cuties and I made cupcakes.
We sang.
Monday was the big birthday.
The Hottie played wiffle ball at work.
Cake job, right?
He would say - definitely NOT.
He got off early.
I take him to lunch.
His choice.
Macayo's on Ash it is.
He drops me back off at work and goes home.
He picks up the cuties.
I get out early with plans to make dinner.
At 6 - we look at a rental house.
A Definite NO-GO!
He wants to go out to dinner.
His choice.
Grimaldi's at San Tan.
We go home.
Eat another cupcake.
Sing again.
The cuties and I smother him with kisses and hugs.
No presents.
Are presents really needed?
Yes, most definitely.
So....just why did I not get my booty to the store to purchase something?
I'm not sure.
I had all intentions to do so.
I just didn't.
I had 2 ideas of gifts.
Real presents - not the kind that I ask for.
You know, the - "what do we need???" kind of presents.
Brady decides he wants to take him golfing.
I say perfect.
So...Sunday, the Hottie and Brades will be heading out to the course.
And...last night, the Hottie and Brades went to a DBacks game.
Of course, those tickets were free.
I'm thinking I made out like a bandit.
And, I can't help but feel guilty.

Dear Hottie...

Please know that I really, really, really, really love you. By no means does the lack of presents to open mean that I love you any less or that you are not deserving. If we could afford it - you would get whatever you wanted. A baseball trip around the country. A new car. A San Diego beach house. Whatever you wanted. You are deserving of all of those things.

Hopefully, a nice relaxing weekend at home with us was at least somewhat a form of happiness in your eyes. Very soon you and Brady will be outnumbered by us girls - so at the very least, I am very happy that you are able to enjoy both a baseball game and a golf outing - BOYS ONLY - this week.

Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!


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Karen said...

Dawn: That sounds like a great birthday to me. Happy Birthday Bryan.