Monday, April 12, 2010


I've been slacking on the blogging.
But, This is what we've been doing....
1. Watching the Yankees...Brady's little league team that is.
2. Eating red slushies in the AZ sun.
3. The Cuties and I are snugglin' at home while the Hottie is at the DBacks. Lots of DBacks.
4. Hiding Easter candy from the Cuties...still.
5. I was DD at a wine tasting GNO on Friday. Serious fun!
6. Forgetting our debit when we went to eat with the Babcocks...oops! I should mention that Bryan had used my debit at Fry's the night before and neglected to put it back :)
7. Thinking of packing...but, not actually doing anything about it.
8. Baby bedding searches on Google...but, not really taking the step to buy. I'm about to pop - you think that would be reason enough...but, I'm pretty lazy these days.
9. 2 nights of softball a week for the Hottie.
10. Dance class still for Lil - you should see her purple recital leotard....SO cute!
11. Sneaking around some vacant rental home backyards and peeking in the windows.
12. Getting ready to take our car sunshades's sure getting up there.
13. Doors open - loving the breezes at night.
14. Spelling tests and homework for Brady...and mom :)
15. Lil's telling everyone the baby's name is Baby's not.
16. Shooting hoops in the driveway after school.
17. Slumber party with Jake and Ry.
18. Playing dress-up...MORNING, NOON, & NIGHT.
19. Trying to make it to my due date. My goal...May 21st.
20. Enjoying our last few weeks of no diapers and night feedings.
21. Watching Jimmy Kimmel HMC. Thanks Brett...HILARIOUS!


Heidi said...

HA!!!! That video is hilarious! Dont feel bad about not blogging- #3 will be here in no time and your doing the right thing by spending as much time as possible with the cuties! xoxoxox

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Thanks Heidi!!! :)

Robin said...

Hilarious!!!! I agree with Heidi. Baby Charlotte is right around the corner. Enjoy your time with the cuties and get lots of rest!