Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hohokam Elementary

I switched elementary schools in the 3rd grade when we moved from Phoenix to Scottsdale. I was put into Hohokam Elementary School. The very same school that many of my cousins...and siblings...and even parents went to.

They celebrated their 50th Anniversary last weekend.
We went.
All of us.
We toured the school.
Looked at old pictures.
Let the kids play on the playground.
Participated in fundraisers and raffles.
I won a t-shirt.
A Hohokam Falcons shirt.
Green and Yellow.
Still the same colors and I still hate them so.
And...amongst the 80's and 90's class picture albums, I found these beauties....


Bryan Campbell said...

Can anyone guess why Dawn is in the front row sitting down in each photo? I have an idea!!

Robin said...

I was just going to comment on the front row seating...but Bryan beat me to it!