Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Little Yankee

Here's Brady

Here's his batting stance
The Hottie says it's perfect

Here's his team
He's the little one in the front on the far right

The coach kind of drives me crazy.
He sends a gazillion emails.
Never gives us a chance to reply.
And then sends more.
The coach's a typical coach's son.
He's 8.
He's pretty good.
Brady's the littlest on the team.
Brady's never been the shortest/littlest EVER!
There are 13 kids on the team.
There are 13 shirts, numbered 1-13.
The smallest is the 1...the largest is 13.
The kids were told to line up by height.
Brady got #1.
The coach's son said he got to pick his out the night before.
He picked 13 for A-Rod.
And announced it at practice.
He's the tallest kid anyways...
So getting #13 was inevitable.
But seriously...
The first game was 2 hours.
It was ridiculous.
The mom in front of us
literally whipped out the league rule guide
to check the length of the games.
They're supposed to be an hour.
Not 2.
The kids loved it.
But, they are 6-8 for goodness sakes.
They don't even keep score.
2 hours is a bit much.
My mom says I should just get used to it.
p.s. Brady now loves the Yankees.

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