Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Norm

It's 7:42pm on my computer. This is what's been going on today...
Brady schooled from 8:13 - 2:50.
Lily played at Aunt Cori's.
The Hottie and I worked.
We dinner'd.
Oops...of course we first got into comfy clothes.
(at least the Cuties and I did)
The Cuties and their Daddy played Don't Break the Ice.
Lots of times.
The Hottie and I then fibbed about where he was leaving to.
We said the gym.
He's really going to play softball.
I really, really, reeeeeaaaaally didn't want a big fight
about why we were NOT going, too.
So we lied.
Is that bad??
Lily then brushed my hair (ouch!!) as
I read a book.
Babe Ruth...we've been working on it for awhile.
Treatment time for Lil.
She now asks for them.
I'm not sure if she needs it or if she just likes it.
Either way - it was treatment time.
Lil wanted to watch Wonder Pets...
it wasn't on.
DVR'd Dora it was.
So, I'm now sitting here - on the couch.
Listening to the humming calmness of the treatment machine.
Observing Lil tap the bottom to make sure she gets every drop of medicine.
She's a pro.
Watching Brady as he lays on the couch next to me...
trying to keep his eyes open.
It's quiet.
The house is clean.
I'm waiting for the Hottie to watch AI.
Isn't life great?
p.s. Brady's now officially out.

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