Monday, March 1, 2010

Red Car

A little over a week ago...
I rear-ended another vehicle.
NOT the Hottie.
Totally my fault.
Well...I do secretly blame the new AZ resident (from Colorado, also named Dawn) that I hit from NOT pulling forward even just a few inches when the light turned green as we were waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass so we could each turn left.
But...still...TOTALLY my fault.
Luckily, I have rental coverage.
And, a very low deductible.
And, I work at the drop off/pick up location.
It's very convenient.

Last week, I picked up the rental.
A red, Nissan Altima.
With Nevada plates.
(why is it that 90% of the time I get an out of state rental wherever I go?)
Sorry...I definitely digress.

The cuties...
the rental.
Head over heels.

I do love driving a car.
Much speedier than my van.
REALLY good on gas mileage.
Maybe I'll swap with the Hottie when I get the van back.

When I picked up Lily from Ashley's last week,
she ran out and screamed - "I love you red car!!"
Seriously. Not kidding.
Then she says, "The red car is the coolest."
She's certainly going to be upset on Wednesday
when the van returns.

The Cuties also continuously...
and I mean continuously tell me how to drive.
Back seat drivers at ages 6 and 3.
"Stop, Mom" and
"Go, Mom" and
"Slow down, Mom" and
"The light is red, Mom" and
"The light is green, Mom" and
"Good job, Mom" and
"Don't crash, Mom"
are words I hear multiple times a day now.

And, my favorite from Brady....
"Mom, you're a good driver now."
Thank YOU, Buddy...
I'm glad I have your 6-year old approval.
Too funny!

But seriously...
Red Car...we will miss you!
Tintless windows and all!

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william said...

I loved my RED CAR which was a Convertible. So i understand Lily's feelings totally. I miss my wind blown hair. Mom/Nanny