Monday, March 29, 2010

Neighbor Friends

We've lived in our neighborhood for over 5 years. We do like it here. Our neighborhood does have lots of kids. It just seems that our street...has NO kids. Well, we do know a couple - but, none are the same age as Brady or Lil. And, we never see our neighbors...EVER! The immediate neighborhood is mostly retired peeps or couples with teenagers. We've always wanted the fun neighborhoods you see in the movies. It seems like a lot of people get those neighborhoods...just not us. Not in the Islands and not here., Brady and Lil were playing out front and wouldn't ya know it??!! A young boy and girl came over to play basketball. They are 8 and 9-ish. Brady loved it. When they introduced themselves, the young boy said his name was Diego. I was waiting for Lily to say she loves Diego (as in Dora) but, she never did....THANK GOODNESS!

I sat inside and listened to them play basketball...and Lil ride her bike and ring the bell. Then...the worst happened.

I turned into THAT mom.

You know...the weird one that secretly watches. The mom that doesn't want to be seen, but TOTALLY knows exactly what is going on. The mom that would probably wait up after a date, flash the lights and peek out the windows.

Yep, that was me. And, we all know I did NOT have that, where did this come from?

Here's the low down. I can't believe I'm actually admitting this....

I grabbed my camera. Snuck in the hallway. Mind you it is still daylight outside and the hall blinds are WIDE open. I start to snap a picture when Diego spots me and points. Brady turns around and I run.

Thank goodness they're young - if they were teens...I'm sure I would have gotten the I HATE YOU look.

When Bryan got home, Lil ran up to him and jumped in his arms for a hug. Then she turns and tells Brady that Daddy is home and he replies, "I don't even care."

Hmm...the teenage years are going to certainly be fun.

p.s...I'd post a picture...but, remember - I got caught and all I ended up with was a blurry white flash.


Ashley said...

AHAHAHAHA!!! You get this from Aunt Karen! I LOVE it! I can't believe Brady said that!!! Poor Daddy!

Karen said...


There is nothing wrong with stalking. As a matter of fact I have it perfected it through the years.