Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do You Waddle When You Walk?

I do.
I try to hide it.
Darn pregnancies.
You just can't hide anything.
With every day that goes by...
the waddle will surely be exaggerated.
Until...I'm pretty much rolling down the street.
Lovely. Just lovely.
A couple things about this picture:
1. I love this time of year. Door open. Beautiful AZ.
2. I'm wearing my jammy pants.
3. I could seriously pass for a 9 mo. pregnant gal.
4. I'm not 9 mo. pregnant.
5. It does look like I'm carrying a boy.
6. But, there's a girl in there.
7. Being short S-U-C-K-S!
8. Why can't I be lean and tall and barely look pregnant?
9. That's a whole other post.
and 10. That baby girl finally has a name...Charlotte.


Bart said...

YES!!! I'm so happy with the name choice!

Julie said...

Congratulations on the name!!!

Ashley said...

Awwww! Look at you your cute belly! :) Yes, us short girls sure get big belly's!