Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful For Blogs - Day 1

Thank you again to my friend Julie (sheesh, she's getting a lot of props on my blog lately!!) for putting things in perspective. It's November. It's time to give thanks. She was prepared and ready to blog for all 30 days in November about things for which she is thankful. Now, I might not have been as prepared (today is the 11th) and, I can't blog for 30 days in November - but, I can certainly do 20. goes it.

Today...I am thankful for blogs.
(yes, I inspirational - just kidding!)

My blog, my families' blogs, my friends' blogs, the strangers' blogs (that I stalk), crafty blogs, recipe blogs, really...I'm thankful for ALL blogs.

Blogs are such a funny thing. There are so many different kinds. Some people maintain a blog devoted only to crafts, or to cooking, or to computer help, or to illnesses, or to coupons, or to charity, or to politics, or to design. Really the list of types of blogs is endless. You could probably find a blog for any type of work or project or situation out there. And then there's those people (like me) that use a blog as a record keeper or a journal. Sometimes I blog about our daily activities, sometimes about parenthood, and sometimes just about me...Because I'm selfish like that.

Blogging is so therapeutic. If you haven't tried should. I've never had a journal - but, I assume it's similar. I will say that I am pretty open and honest on my blog. Some of you may think I'm crazy for some of the random thoughts I blog about...but, I do certainly keep some things to myself. It really comes down's my blog - I'll do with it what I want. And that my what is so great about being a blogger.

The BEST part about blogs blog stalking. It's addicting. Once you start - you seriously can't stop. You go from blog to blog to blog and pretty soon you don't remember where you even started. You read blogs about people and continue to check back with them to see how they're doing. You become friends with strangers. You steal ideas...or copy them and change it up a bit to make it your own. You try out new recipes that you found. You find out how to use your sewing machine that has been sitting in your closet for 4 years. You can even find out how to use a new program at work that has you boggled...oops - maybe that's just me :)

I like the freedom of my blog. I like that it's mine. I like that I can say whatever I want and it really doesn't matter. I like that I very well may be the only person that ever reads it and that is fine (but, I do like comments, too!) I like that I can now look back over the last two years and I have a book of the Cutie's life. I like that my blog was there when Brady first went to Kindergarten, and when we took our first long road trip to Colorado, and when I hit the big 3-0, and when we were so pleasantly surprised with Charlotte.

I love my blog.

Thank you Blogspot.


Julie said...

I'm starting to feel famous! You've got the best blog, I love reading it... you actually inspired me to pick mine back up again and you're right--- VERY therapeutic! :)

April said...

I love to read your blog so I can keep up with what is new with my nephew,nieces and of course you and Bryan. I/We sure loved your "long" trip to Colorado!! I sure hope you will all make another...maybe this time by plane. Much faster and not to $$ these days.