Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Darth, Cinderella, and a Ballerina

Brady HAD, just HAD TO BE Darth Vader.
It's funny because he's never even seen Star Wars.
He only knows Darth Vader.
He got his wish...and even a red lightsaber.
Lily wanted to be Cinderella.
She looooooooves Cinderella.
She hasn't taken off the dress in days.
I now have it hidden.

Well, she could have cared less.
But, I definitely think she looks adorable.

Halloween was fun. The Babcock's came over for some chili and cornbread. I don't want to toot my own horn (um...but, I will) but...I will say that I do make some pretty mean chili. Yum! Ash and I took the 4 older kids out to trick or treat while the boys stayed with Charlotte and handed out candy...while of course, watching football and baseball. Ash and I also loaded the kids up in the car and surprised our mom with a trick or treat stop over at their house. Of course, the kids got waaaaay too much candy and it is currently hidden way up in the pantry where we will most likely forget about it for a few months. The chocolate is in the fridge...and Lily cries every morning for some candy. I don't give in...but, I can't speak for the Hottie.

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Erin and Drew said...

So precious! And I love Charlotte's costume. I sooooo want to be a part of you family! You guys have so much fun!