Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful for Costco - Day 4

Yes...I know - only the most inspiring thanks over here. But...I guess it's my blog - so...I get to pick what to be thankful for.

We love Costco. As hard as we's never ends up being a, "just run in for one thing," kind of store. You know what I mean?

Saturdays are the best. Samples galore. The cuties - they loooooove the samples. This Saturday the samples were out in full force. Crackers, dips, popcorn (like 8 flavors), steak and cheese flautas, yogurt, juices, soup, chowder, salmon, raviolis, and pumpkin cheesecake bars. I'm kind of I pick and choose. Not the Hottie. He'll take it all. The Cuties loved the I guess I'll have to attempt to make fish one day pretty soon. Brady went back like 5 times for a pumpkin cheesecake bar...and we ended up buying a box. Brady ate so many samples that when we went for lunch (Costco hot dogs, of course) he proudly stated that our meal would be cheaper because he wasn't hungry and only needed a drink.

Seriously? Yep - it was hilarious.

Us Campbell's - we proudly make a Costco dinner run every once in a while for hot dogs. The whole family can eat for $7...where else can that be done? Yes - we only eat at the finest of establishments....Lily always pretends it's raining and says that we need to sit under the umbrella. So, we do just that.

We Bryan have been Costco members for going on about 14 years. It's free. We're lucky. One of Bryan's oldest and dearest of friends is a longtime employee and gave him one of his free memberships he gets as an employee. They don't do that anymore...but, I guess we're grandfathered in. Bless you, Josh - we miss you!

My three favorite things about Costco - 1) the photo center...awesome pics for killer prices. 2) umm...the lemon cake. Don't laugh until you've tried it. It's delish! And...I hate that word, so I definitely mean it when I use the word delish. And, 3) the Del Sol fresh homemade salsa. The.Best.Store Bought, but Homemade Salsa.Ever.

The Cuties - they like the holiday aisle with all of the toys. They could live there. Seriously.

The Hottie - his favorite place is the food court. Cheap and good. Oh...and of course the electronics. He could live there - surrounded by his dream TVs that his bitchy wonderful wife never lets him buy.

Good ole' Saturday family days at Costco. Entertaining, fun, and yummy! Thank you!


J said...

I love your have a way with words that always leaves me smiling! We heart costco as well! Nothing beats free samples and cheap hot dogs. My husband didn't grow up going to costco like we did, so it took some convincing but he is now converted! :)

Ashley said...

HAHA! How can you not be thankful for COSTCO!! LOL about the bitchy wife!! Poor Bryan it's time for his new T.V.!!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Aww ladies - thank you :) you make me smile!