Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Making a List...

Today I helped the Cuties write out their Christmas list for Santa. Brady's consisted of a Nintendo DSi XL (he's specific...apparently kids talk at school), Toy Story 3DS game, and a couple other random things. He did make a switch to his list. He moved the skateboard that he wants to his Birthday list. He says when he is 7, he will be old enough for the he will wait till January. And Lil's list...well her list consisted of a pink Barbie, a big strawberry shortcake doll, and really anything else pink that she saw in the toy catalog.

The Hottie wants...well it doesn't matter because I already bought it. But I promise he'll like it. Even if it's not a new TV.

And Charlie...well, she hasn't really said what she wants. But - I have a REALLY good feeling that Santa will be bringing the Fisher Price Sit to Stand Giraffe, a little bit of clothes and a few small toys.'s my turn. Bryan says that my Christmas list is the most expensive list known to man. I think he's right. Here's a few things that made the list...

cordless mouse
ear buds
dslr camera
silhouette sd craft cutter
computer backpack
blog book
Yep. I'm selfish. But....what I really, really, really want right this very minute is for our little Charlotte to feel better. Her little scratchy, lost voice is so sad!

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April said...

Awww poor thing...i also help Charlotte feels better and soon. Love you!! Aunt April