Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tooth Woes

I think our family is in for years of teeth issues.
Me = braces for years and years
The Hottie = well, his list of teeth issues go on and on
(although I do blame his childhood dentist for a lot of that!!)

And, now Brades = root canal

Yep, Brady has some tooth issues. He has been going to the dentist 2 times a year since age 2. Never a cavity. Always glowing reports of his teeth. A few months ago...they started watching a cracked tooth. Well, this last visit brought the news that it now needed a root canal and cap. He also had a mini cavity (whatever that is) and the work would require some laughing gas.

This past Monday, I picked Brady up early from school for his big appointment. Boy oh boy, his dentist is so awesome. It takes a special person to be a pediatric dentist. To have such patience with kids. To explain each and every minuscule step in such simple terms. He made it seem like no big deal. And...we were in and out in 25 minutes. I couldn't ask for anything better. Oh...the best part - his name is Dr. Quackenbush. Yep...isn't that cute? We sure do love him!

Brady was a super champ. He was so brave and never cried, flinched, or even showed any fear. He breathed in that laughing gas like a pro. He took the Novocaine shots like it didn't even hurt. And oh my goodness, was he a trip after the fact dancing around drunkenly with a cute little "Elvis" grin. He definitely wanted a super dose of Tylenol a little after the big event...but, other than that - what a pro!

When we picked up the girls from the sitter's house - he was so proud. Who would have ever thought that a kid would be so excited about a silver tooth?? (The hygienist told me kids think they're cool...but, I didn't believe it. Heck - I had all the silver in my mouth replaced with porcelain!!) He told the sitter, "I had gas." Umm...okay...I had to make sure she understood it was laughing gas. Of course, the silver tooth has been like a trophy and he has showed it to anyone that seems the least bit interested.

Thank goodness I've got a brave kid!! We go back for something similar next week - hopefully, he does just as great!

Ugh!! Teeth issues. I see a world of expenses in our future.


Frogger said...

I wonder if he realizes that if he stops brushing his teeth, he gets a lot more silver trophies!!

Robin said...

Poor Brady! And poor Mommy! I'm glad he did so well. I think dentists have come a long way. Maybe our kids won't hate going so much.

Heidi said...

Way to go Brady!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Ron....don't (I repeat don't) tell him that!! But, I'm sure you will :)
Rob - he really did so well, can't believe it. I agree - dentist have come a loooong way. I don't remember our dentist (Dr. Meta) being anywhere near as patient or kind or gentle!
Thanks Heidi :)