Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful for Family - Part 2 - Day 14

Boy are we lucky. SO much family.
Love it!

Whew. Thanksgiving was fun. We did go to my Aunt Karen's. The Hottie did make deviled eggs. Cori did make apple pie. My Aunt Renee did make a cheesecake. My Aunt Karen did have yummy mashed potatoes. Brett did say the FABULOUS family prayer. We did pick our Kris Kringle family (YAHOO!!!). The kids did make a craft (and play Twister, and paint). And, we did end the evening with a game of Left, Right, was close. I was in it down to the end...congrats Bart!!

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April said...

Love the post and we sure are thankful for the Campbell Cuties(that includes all of you)!!! xoxo