Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful for Black Friday Shopping - Day 10

I love the Christmas holiday. I really, really love Thanksgiving (it's my favorite holiday) and then the entire month that follows. I love Kris Kringle. I love our ladies luncheon. I love holiday get-togethers. I love my Christmas shopping list. I love buying presents for others. I love crafting (yes, it's a word) a present for someone special. I love watching people open their gifts. I love getting Christmas cards (which by the way...we have a new address if anyone needs it!) I love taking the Cuties to visit Santa. And, I love, even more, their faces on Christmas morning.

It's almost here.

Thanksgiving is just 4 days away. Turkey is calling my name. And...poppy seed bread. Yum. We'll soon know just who our Kris Kringle family will be and the fun begins. The day after Thanksgiving is where the shopping begins. Although...I do have one gift already purchased, remember?

Every year I partake in Black Friday shopping. It's my favorite. For the weeks leading up to Black Friday, I do my homework. I go onto and search the store ads for deals. Typically...I use Black Friday for the smoking deals for the Cuties and the rest of the kids that we buy for $5, electronics deals, etc. Last year we even collected $100 in Westcor gift cards for spending $200 at the mall.

Black Friday can be tricky. The deals can be great...but, you have to KNOW what you want and what you're shopping for. You can't go out and just'll ending up spending way more than you want to and you'll buy things you don't even need. Believe me. I used to be like that. As a self-proclaimed, Black Friday shopper are the steps to take:

1. Do your homework. Search the ads ahead of time.
2. Print out or cut out the items that you want to purchase to reference while shopping.
3. Make a list. Sort the items by store.
4. Make a timeline - know what store will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
5. Expect crowds.
6. Take shopping partners...each person takes a part of the list at the store and runs to grab just those items.
7. If you can help it NOT deviate from the list.
8. Have fun!

I'm not really much of a crowd-type person...but, there is just something about the feeling of Black Friday that is soooo exciting.

I love it!

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