Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful for My Mom - Day 15

Today is my mom's birthday. As Brady would say - "Nanny is turning 21. But, Poppy thinks she's going to be 30 because he said she is 29."


It's cute that he really (and I mean really) thinks she is going to be 21 when he very well knows that I am 31. Funny that it takes awhile to put two and two together.

Everyone would agree with mom ROCKS!

My Mom is:
just about the most CARING person i know.
soooo BEAUTIFUL. you'd never think she was going to be "21."
TRUSTWORTHY - she is the best secret keeper ever!
completely UNSELFISH.
F-U-N - without a doubt.
the greatest NANNY ever!
HUMBLE - did you know she's a hero?

I've got the best mom ever. Sorry...don't be jealous.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

We love you!

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