Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful for an Empty Wall - Day 9

Yes, it's a weird one.

We had an extra bed. But...we didn't have an extra room for that bed. So for the past 5+ months, that very bed was in the front living room. Yes, close to the front door. So you see pretty much see it right when you enter the house.


We've actually grown used to it. I barely notice it. We've use it as a table. And, a trampoline.

I wrote a post about the bed a few months back...but, was too embarrassed to post it. I mean...who wants a bed in their living room? And...for 5+ months?

It was quite comical. Everyone would comment on it when they came over. But, like I said - we pretty much didn't even remember it was there until someone would laugh about it. It reminded me of our very first house that had pink counter tops. Southwest pink. They were super AZ 80's. At first when we bought the was all we noticed. Then...we barely even knew they were there. We replaced them a couple years in...

Well...the bed has moved. It has taken up new residence with my sister, Cori. Our living room is now bed-less. And...empty. Well, half the room is filled...

Thanks, Cori!'s gone. I don't have to be embarrassed any longer. Now...I just have to figure out what to put on the empty wall.


Julie said...

Um..... even though I saw it in person, where the heck is the picture?!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

I know...even Ash told me today that she can't believe that I of all people had a bed in the living room for that long. :) no's gone!