Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful for Lacy at Claire's - Day 3

I love little girls with earrings. I love seeing a little baby with cute little studs in her ears. Some of you may think it's child abuse to decorate our little girls like a Christmas tree...but, us girls must accessorize and I think the earlier the better!

We had Lily's ears pierced when she was about 4.5 months old. I asked my pediatrician to do it (since I've heard they sometimes do it for you) and they declined; apparently they do not have anyone on staff to pierce ears. So...the big event took place at Libby Lu's at Fashion Square. They gave us a cute little certificate and we have photos for the memories. She cried and cried - but, we were able to soothe her easily. We thought it was great that they were going to pierce each ear simultaneously. They had two girls that planned to "punch" at the same time. So it went like this...sanitize, dot the ears, and "punch." I then shushed, shushed, shushed and bounced, bounced, bounced to soothe Lil. Once she was calm - I surveyed the piercings.

My first thought....WTF??!! Seriously, it was.

One ear = perfect
Other ear = um, at the tip of the earlobe.

OMG! It was a nightmare. I literally had to beg and beg the Hottie to do this and now here we were...we put two holes in our 4 month old daughter and one of them was totally wrong. We had just gotten Lily calmed down and now we had to take out the earring and do it all again. So...we did just that. We had no other choice. We removed the badly pierced earring and re-pierced it. Yes, re-punched it. Put a hole (now a third one) into our 4 month old daughter's ears.

The good news is...round two worked. She never had an infection. And, the bad piercing closed up and you can't even tell.

Jump forward 3.5 years later. Libby Lu is no longer in the mall (not that we would have gone back) and we now needed to pierce Charlotte's little lobes. We headed out to Chandler Mall and went straight to Claire's.

Immediately I felt relaxed when I saw this cute old lady sitting in the chair to get her ears pierced. (because somehow since a little old lady was doing it - Claire's must only hire professionals) I basically interviewed the girl that was going to do the job by asking her about her skills and just how many infants she has pierced in the past. I signed my life away on the consent forms, selected the 3mm white gold earrings and waited as she used the "ear piercing pen" to draw a dot on each ear where the hole should be created. Lacy (bless that Claire's gal, she was a saint!) told me to take my time and look and compare and make sure that the dot was in the right place. The Hottie and I looked and looked and told her to move the dot and then move it back. After looking some more....we just went with it. The Hottie held the other two Cuties back, Charlotte sat in my lap, I held her arms and her head still and....punch.

One. At. A.Time.

Lacy was quick. Even though she did each ear one at a time - the whole thing was over in less than 10 seconds.

Charlotte screamed. I mean screamed. She shook. She whined. She cried. High-pitched, blood curdling scream. It took a bit to calm her down. The result?

Absolutely perfect. No cute certificate, but perfectly pierced (in one shot) ears. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Bless you Lacy at Claire's - YOU ROCK!


Erin and Drew said...

Love it!!! Eva had her's done at a time!!! So glad it is over and it looks so cute!

J said... precious!

Ashley said...

AWWW!! My poor baby!! She looks SOOOO adorable with her bling!

Karen said...

They are adorable.