Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful for Facebook - Day 6

A few years ago, I laughed at people that had a MySpace account. Yes...I did. I laughed. In fact, the Hottie got one and hid it from me for awhile. When I found out...I laughed. And was embarrassed. A few months later I created one while planning my 10 year reunion to help locate 1997 alumni.

Then Facebook happened. My work encouraged us to get an account. So, I did. Little by little...I got involved. Now...I hardly go a day without it. I'm not so good at posting pictures or even updating my status...but, boy oh boy...I might be a professional FB stalker.

I should probably be a private investigator. In fact, my sisters and I could make a fortune together.

So, the question is - why am I thankful for Facebook? I'll tell you a few reasons.

  • It helps me keep in touch with people.
  • It's like a mini blog for everyone (pretty much everyone) that I know.
  • It provides a medium for people to share what's going on in their life - status updates.
  • It provides a place to house and share pictures.
  • There is even a place to write blogs and notes.
  • Games...(Although...I try to stay away from the games - because I have a highly addictive personality, while being VERY competitive.)
  • It's a people finder...ever wonder what your very first boyfriend or your oldest friend is up to? You can now know.
  • It's a communication tool - you can write messages to people.
  • You can share your interests and suggest pages and websites for others to view.
  • On the other hand, you can learn about websites and interests that you might be interested in browsing.
  • You can set up and join groups with others that support the same things.
  • You can use FB for marketing - good and bad. I have this friend that recently married and had a horrible experience with a hotel while honeymooning...guess who she told? By posting a status on FB - she was able to share this with every single one of her friends. Now...I certainly know where NOT to stay when I go to Africa.
  • Finding long lost relatives - yes...my dad is friends with almost every Majercin out there.
FB really is addicting. I love that everyone (except my mom and brother) has an account. It's such a great way to keep involved in everyone's life. It's really like a blog. Share what you want...keep private what you don't want others to know.

Thank you FB...my guilty pleasure. Stalking, reading about others. It's like a reality show. But, it's always on. I love it!

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Julie said...

Don't forget... it allows others to find YOU too, you know, like old boyfriends, neighbors, etc. :)