Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful for DVR - Day 7

I'm crazy addicted to TV. We watch a lot of shows. It gets out of control. Several years back...we were introduced to DVR. I did not want it...but, now....sheesh - I can't live without it.

Remember back in the day when we used our VCR to tape shows while we weren't at home? Here's the problem with VCRs:
* Only one show at a time.
* VCRs are pretty much extinct - we don't even have one.
* Can you even buy a VHS tape?
* Rewinding...need I say more?
My friend, Ron...he still uses a VCR to tape shows - can you believe it? We've been trying to talk him into getting a DVR...he refuses. But...he did get a smart now I'm the one in the dark ages!

Tonight as I write this, the Hottie and I have sat down to watch our shows, including Modern Family - our very favorite. We have a list of shows waiting to be watched and we'll get to them...sometime. But, that's the best part. We can watch them whenever we get to it. It's digital - we can pick a show and watch it without rewinding or fast forwarding. I can tape 10 Dora's so that while Lil is taking her treatments she has something to watch that calms her down. But, best of all...watching our DVR shows is our thing. It's what the Hottie and I do to relax...once the craziness in our house has calmed down and the Cuties are in bed for the night.

I love DVR!


Heidi said...

I cant imagine my life without my DVR. Watching commercials? Eww!!!

Frogger said...

I'm not sure how I missed this entry, but now that I see it, I must respond!
Yes Dawn, you can still buy tapes. $1 each!!
And the best part about the VCR...I don't pay a dime. The recording service is absolutely free. I just hit record. Or it has this fancy thing where I can program in advance!! How cool is that? I don't even need to be home!Oh, and get this...if I run out of room on a tape, I just pay $1 for another one!!! I don't have to delete any programs!!!
And did I mention it's free? For life.