Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful for Taylor Swift - Day 8

Yes. I just said I'm thankful for Taylor Swift. And, I am. Lily is absolutely...
with Taylor Swift.
She recognizes her songs at the first note.
She knows her in magazines.
And...if she happens to see her on TV...
She goes crazy.

It's Friday. I'm off Fridays. Remember?, I was straightening up around the house. I was beginning to pull out toys for a garage get ready for Christmas. (am I the only one that does that?) In the background, my Ipod is playing. Which by the way...needs to be updated with some additional tunes. Anyway...I digress. Taylor Swift comes on.

Lily screams.

And, the rest of the conversation goes like this:

Lily: OMG, OMG! Taylor Swift!!!
Me: Yep - you're right. (under my breath, while laughing...seriously?)
Lily: Push pause, push pause!
Me: Why, Lil?
Lily: Because they don't like me like this?
Me: What??
Lily: Taylor Swift doesn't like me like this. (as she is pointing to her jammies.)
Me: Ok - run quick to your room. You can make it back before the next one.
Lily: Ok, Mom. I be fast.
She runs to her room and returns in a girlie dress. I then watch her dance and sing to Taylor Swift in her fluffy dress with nanny hair. In that moment...she literally could not be happier. I smile.

It's a good day.


Karen said...

That is a good day. She is so adorable.

Julie said...

So stinkin adorable!!!