Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Birthday Parties

I think it is pretty much a given that if you have a summer birthday - you will have a pool party. It doesn't even matter how old you are - OnE, tWO, THreE...any age.

This weekend - we went to a birthday party for a 2-year old.

And, boy did the cuties have fun.
Swim, swim, and more swim -
until your eyes are so red from chlorine
you can't even keep them open.
(wait - maybe that's just Brady)

The cuties would loooove to have pool birthday parties.'s not in their cards.
Both of the cuties have January birthdays.
January = NOT swimming weather.

Once again - this summer party brought out the almighty, endless fun, kid-loving inflatable water slide. Hours and hours (literally) of never ending giggles and laughter and yes...crying fits when it is time to get out.

Swimming makes the heat all worth it.

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Ashley said...

Really, Really CUTE pictures!