Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baptisms and Firsts

Today Babe Lincoln was baptized.
You should have seen him - SO cute.
His little outfit was adorable and his father kept calling him a marshmallow.
If marshmallows are adorable blonde-haired, blue-eyed munchkins dressed in all white -
then he is definitely a marshmallow.

Brady thought he "graduated."
Lily thought it was his birthday.
Anything with cake - she assumes is a birthday.
Happy Birthday is her favorite song.

Once again...I am photo less from the baptism.
My fault mostly.
I thought the hottie plugged the camera battery into the charger...
He thought I just needed the charger plugged into the outlet.
So...NO photos.

I will NOT make this mistake tomorrow.
He is super, super excited.
Thursday he told me..."I can't wait for Monday, Mom...I wish Monday came after Saturday."

Ummm...that's my son - the one that can't wait for school.
Is he my child or what???

Yes, it is the night before my first born begins school.
We had a very lovely day filled with family, God, swimming, softball, and cake.
Brady is clean and relaxing on the couch as I dry his sheets for his bed.
We procrastinated a bit too long on his haircut - oh well.
He still looks good with "cool hair."
His outfits are picked out for the week and hanging in his closet organizer -
thank you IKEA.
He was SO excited to pick out his outfits for the week.
He can't wait to wear his Tony Hawk shorts
and his new "cool Nikes" that Aunt Cori picked out.
Thanks to Nanny and Poppy he will be certainly schooling in style.
He has waited to wear his new school clothes

I cannot believe he is entering Kindergarten.
I am very excited, and only a little sad.
It seems like yesterday that we left the hospital -
On that rainy afternoon - with this new little guy.
Stopping at Carl's Jr. along the way home.
Me sitting in the back watching every breath he took - NOT KIDDING.
And, now tomorrow morning, the Hottie and I will drop him off to Mrs. Silveira.

Where does the time go?

Most of me is so very excited for him.
I know what lies ahead over the next several years -
Or at least I have an idea.
I, too, am giddy...
like a 7 year-old Dawn on the night before Christmas.
I hope I can sleep.
Somehow, Brady has never had trouble in that department.

1st picture - Brady 3 days old & 2nd picture - Brady tonight.


April said...

I hope Brady has a GREAT 1st day of school. Hayden started his Pre-K today also. I can't believe it!!! I hope know one steps on his feet!!! LOL--that's for Bryan :)

Ashley said...

Totally crying! Didn't think I would be like this!! Oh how I already miss him today! I hope he has a great day and I can't wait to hear allll about it. :)