Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do You Think Brady is Missing Nap Time?

In case you missed it, Brady has entered full-day Kindergarten. He loves it. He is definitely my child in that he loves school. There is just one problem....

Brady is a nap kid. You know - the kind of kid that says he doesn't need a nap then falls asleep. We were worried about how he would handle ALL DAY WITH NO NAP. Luckily, we were instructed to bring a "rest towel" to school on Day 1. Phew....

After Day 1, Brady told us that they do go into the music room for "rest time"...but, they only rest their eyes. He firmly stated that he does NOT nap, just rests his eyes.

Today was a half-day. Brady was invited over for a play date with his friend Connor. Lucky Me...(especially since I work from home on Wednesdays and would have needed to take him to my sister's for a half-day). Apparently, the boys played, ate snacks...and just acted like boys. When I picked him up around dinner-time...I was pleasantly surprised to hear what a well-mannered child he is.

We then jumped in the car to pick up Lil from Cori's. I'm talking away to Brady - asking about his day...blah, blah, blah. 5 minutes later I ask a question and receive NO RESPONSE. I ask again...nothing. I look back....

He's out. Head to the side, mouth catching flies, snoring - OUT. We arrive at Cori's. I turn off the car and realize it's a million degrees out. I turn the car back on...Brady opens his eyes for a half-second for me to ask if he wants to wait in the car while I run in to grab Lil. "Yes," he whispers and drifts back to dreaming.

So I run in - grab Lil - and hop back into the van to head home. When we get home - Brady wakes just long enough to stumble into the house, throw off his shoes, and fall onto the couch. Dinner? Forget it - he is not interested. He somehow does wake to shower. I'm thinking he was sleep-walking because he immediately dresses and beelines it back to the couch.

Poor guy - this "no nap" stuff is tough!!

So...needless to say - this is what our house looked like at 6pm...just after arriving home. Brady zonked out on the couch and Lil...wouldn't you know - dressed up in her dance clothes. Surprise, Surprise!!


April said...

I totally understand about the "nap" thing. Everyday after Hayden has been at school for all day Pre-K he comes home exhausted. Falls asleep on the couch also or in the car before we even get home. Poor guy but he LOVES it and it's getting better.
Lil looks sooo cute in her dance attire. Adorable

Karen said...

Lily looks adorable. When is her first recital. I want to go.