Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lil's Dancing Obsession

We recently started Lily in dance class. Remember this? I wrote about how Lil had a bit of a tough time adjusting to such an independent dance class. Well...she is no longer that shy little girl, with her finger in her mouth watching the other little girls. She loves dance class.

Maybe too much.

She loves her ballet shoes...aka "ballawina" shoes. She loves the "tap tap tapping" noise of her tap shoes...aka "bwack" shoes. And, of course she loves her leotards, skirts, and even the opaque tights. We often find her throwing her play clothes off and replacing them with her dance clothes. What a sight she makes as she is hopping out of her room with a leotard streeeeeeeeetching over whatever clothes she may not have bothered to even remove.

Hilariously A-DOR-A-BLE!!

Well...most of the time anyways.

Last night...or should I say early this morning, I was awoken at the 3:20am (yes, 3:20am!!) by Lil struggling to stretch her hot pink leotard OVER her jammies. She had it stretched over her jammie shorts...but, couldn't quite make it over her shirt. Along with her leotard - she was wearing one tap shoe (with the ribbon lace removed) and holding both her leotard skirt (uh...not needed as the hot pink leotard has an attached skirt) and her little striped tote bag that we use to carry her shoes to class.

At first - the time did not quite register to me. Then...I realized it was 3:20am. UGH! I explained to Lil that it was bed time and NOT dancing time. She; however, did not seem to care. She was ready to dance. UGH again!

I annoyingly located a sippy cup and filled it with milk...then put Lil back to bed. Luckily...she did return to dreamland quickly and quietly. This morning we woke to her STILL half-dressed in her hot pink leotard and one tap shoe.

Oh...and in my disarray...of course I forgot to capture it in photos....OOPS!!

Gotta love Lil...even at 3:20am!!

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