Thursday, August 27, 2009


The last couple nights Lily has been waking up in the middle of the night and changing into her dancing clothes. Remember

Well...just this morning we may have figured out why. We are thinking that maybe, just maybe she is waking herself up to pee. Yes, pee or tinkle or potty or whatever you want to call it....but I'm going to say pee. When she runs into our room (dressed in her dance leotard and tap shoes) she has been yelling that she has to pee. So we take her to the restroom - and my goodness - she goes.

Although she is totally NOT potty trained - this behavior is not that UN-common. She does often go on the potty....followed immediately or soon after by an accident.

Well...last night, she came in....peed (in the potty)....then went back to bed. In the morning she yelled that she needed to pee again. So we took her in...and wouldn't you know it...she peed again. On the drive to Ashley's I asked her if she needed to go potty and she said, "No." But...when we got to Ashley's she yelled that she needed to we went to the potty and she went. Yep...3 times. in.a.row!! Can you say MIRACLE?

Later, while I was working, Ashley (and Lil) called me a few times to tell me exciting news about pee and (number 2) in the potty. Yippee for Lily!! Each time she successfully potty'd, the kids would line up and give her high fives while she yelled about "pwesents." Each time she called me, she would excitedly yell..."I peed. I peed. I get pwesents." She did have one accident right before I picked her up...but, we'll let that one slide. It's her first day....RIGHT?

My goodness...we may be on track for a potty trained Lilbugs. I really don't want to jinx us...but, I'm hoping (and the chances look pretty good) that just maybe Lil has potty trained herself. It's looking more and more like she WILL be potty trained before age 5.

Yay Lil!!! Everyone...keep praying this is NOT a fluke!

p.s. you may think it weird that I have included a "no potty" picture with the blog....but, Lil absolutely despises the pink potty. She is ALL about climbing up on the ADULT potty. And yes, climbing she really must do - it takes a good minute to get herself situated...but, the pink potty she refuses.

2 Questions...1) what is your take - is Lil close to being potty trained? And...2) if so - what "pwesent" should she get?


Ashley said...

1)My kids barely ever used the potty chair. Just straight to the big one!
2)Love her and her cute little deep voice!
3)What about her very cute Dora doll! HAHA

YAY for Lil' bugs!! :)

April said...

That is awesome and just like I've always said with my boys, "when they are ready they will let us know"
I don't think this is a fluke...she is ready!!! YAY Lily. I'll ship Buddy to you for her prize. How about that?????

luv ya :)


Karen said...

Consider her trained and she will be.