Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Dad Really is Poppy

Luckily, my dad has "volunteered" to pick Brady up from school on Mondays. Yes, Brady is SUPER excited. He hopes Poppy sometimes saves a pool for him to help service.

In preparation for his new "job," my dad took a test run with me yesterday on Brady's first day of school. It was probably a bad idea. No, not the test run...but, choosing it on the first day of school.

After arriving over 20 minutes early (by suggestion from other parents) we were looking good - only about 6 cars back in the parent pick-up line. And those of you with elementary kids know this line can be very, VEry, VERY, VEEEEEERRRRRY long. In fact, about 10 minutes after we arrived, I'd estimate the pick-up line was 70 cars deep. At least. No joke.

Sitting there (of course with the AC running) another mini van squeezed in between me and the car in front of me. Well...my dad = NOT so happy. He waited a minute, then reached over and honked to let them know that was NOT cool!

Maybe this was the first day jitters - but, many parents (NOT us) got into the parent pick-up line, turned off their car, got out, and walked over to locate their child.


This line is supposed to be like a drive-thru. You get in line (arrive early to be first...WAIT your turn), kids come out, kids get in, parents drive off. There should be NO getting in line just to shut down car and walk around locating your child. If this is your plan - park across the street and walk up - DO NOT ruin the drive-thru line.

I mean...can you imagine waiting in a 70-car line at Wendy's and cars all around you are shutting down, the drivers are getting out, walking up to the window - asking for their food, chatting with the workers for a bit, then walking back to their car, starting it back up....all, as you sit there patiently waiting your turn? Well, that's pretty much what happened yesterday.

There is definitely NO cutting in these lines. It's a one way parking lot. The drop off area allows enough room for the right curb lane to be the "waiting area" for you to pull up and stop your car to wait for your child. As children get picked up ahead of you and the cars pull away, you get to move forward. See how that works? Then, once your child gets in the car - you can either, pull out to the left and drive out the lot, or...pull forward and out of the lot if all cars in front of you are also full and ready to go. There should be NO utilization of that left lane as another "waiting area" or for "cuts-ies." Sorry...if I got there first, TOO BAD! Right? I mean...it's just like at a drive-thru.

Phew...I was definitely thinking all of that - but, not vocalizing my irritation. My dad...he couldn't hide it. He was sure to honk and tell the parents and teachers exactly how he felt. I don't blame him one bit. And, once I hid the "child identification" paper that you keep visible in your car, it sure made for some good laughs.

Once Brady was in the car and we were FINALLY pulling away from the school - my dad proclaimed that he would be arriving early enough every Monday to be the very first car in the drive-thru line. Somehow, I don't doubt he will.

This reminds me of my Poppy (my mom's dad). He often helped out my parents by picking us kids up from school or summer day camp. He ALWAYS left early. And by early, I mean at least 45 minutes early. But - we were always on time, and he was always on time to pick us up.

I'm thinking my Poppy and my dad are on to something. Bryan has already told me - he too, will be arriving early. The two of them are like two peas in a pod. I'm sure they are both already stressing over the pick-ups. I have no doubt that they both will be the very first car in the parent pick-up line every day, over the next year.

In all reality, though, eliminating Kids Club cannot be done without my dad's help. So, THANKS DAD for helping us out!!! You are definitely a lifesaver - and Brady is ecstatic that Poppy is picking him up on Mondays.

p.s. Day 2 - the line looked good, but seemed to never move. Although I arrived early - I decided to fore go the drive-thru line in lieu of parking at the park across the street and walking the 50 yards to the pick Brady up.

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em said...

if there's not a drive thru, i'm not interested. this is my new motto.