Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yes...I'm a Blubbering Idiot

Last night was the SYTYCD season finale.
It baffles me that I only started watching this show last season.
How I missed seasons 1 - 3...I HAVE NO CLUE!

I love this show.
Love it.

When they dance - I can really feel the story.

Many times it affects me emotionally.
Maybe I'm just turning into my mom, can often find me crying during the performances.

Even Bryan loves it.
He doesn't cry.
But, he loves it.

This year my favorites were Janette and Ade.
They didn't make it to the end.
From the top 4 - I loved Jeanine.
Guess who WON????


Lily loved Kayla.
Bryan loved Brandon.
Brady loved Phillip - you should see him do a Phillip impersonation.


The best new is....SYTYCD is back SEPTEMBER 2!!
These are my 3 favorite from this year. But, really nothing beats my faves from last year.


Karen said...

I agree with Brian. I loved Brandon. I think he is so talented and a much better dancer than Jeanine. I could have even seen Kayla win not Jeanine. Better yet I liked Jeanette.
Aunt Karen

em said...

hey! i actually saw the announcement for this. bc i hadn't watched the show i wondered, hmmm, did she really deserve it though?