Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Birthday April!!!

Yes...she does look mighty familiar, right? You probably remember her from here and here.

Brief overview....

Name: April Osborn
Relation: the Hottie's sister, my SIL, and the cuties Aunt
Location: Castle Rock, CO
Married: you betcha, to Justin
Kiddos: 2 - AJ and Hayden...and can't forget Buddy
Likes....: Geocaching
Addicted to....: Big Brother and BB After Dark

5 of our favorite things about April....
1. She always has yummy snack candy stashed somewhere.
2. She puts TONS of thought and effort into presents and cards and even wrapping.
3. She gave us (well, with Justin's help) 2 of our nephews.
4. She sells Gold Canyon Candles....sniff sniff....yummy!
5. She is always willing to dish out the BB After Dark secrets.

We love you April!!!
Hope to see you soon!


Krystal said...

Whats a BB? Would it be ok to ask for one? lol She is preeettttyyyyyy ;~)!

April said...

Thanks Dawn....and if I didnt have something sweet hidden well then we all know what could happen. I would rather not.!!!
Miss you guys and we'll see you soon :)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday April!! Yes, BB after dark is very hard to miss!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Seriously girls....Big Brother After Dark...I WISH!!! Every night Bryan and I both contemplate calling up DiretTV and ordering it...but of course we haven't. It's a good thing you actually have to call - we thought it might be like payperview, you can just select it with the remote. We tried...and it doesn't work. Phew!