Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon

Yes, of course there was bound to be a post on New Moon.
Remember how much I love this?
If not...remember me here?
Well...we've taken it to a new level.
We saw New Moon.
Opening night.
Midnight showing.
At the Cine Capri.
Yes...we purchased the tickets months ago.
Yes...we waited in line for perfect seats.
Yes...we're nerds...
(or at least the Hottie thinks so)
Was it everything I thought it would be and more?
Sadly, no.
Was it good?
Do I finally understand how books
are SO much better than the movie?
No worries...I'll still be there opening day for Eclipse...
just maybe not at the midnight showing.
That was tough! be fair...
I do fall asleep by 8pm every night,
so midnight was certainly a struggle.

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