Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

What a night. Normally - someone in our family throws a Halloween party. This year - no one had the urge. Well, the Hottie did want to have one...but...we didn't. We did; however, have a casual sort-of impromtu trick or treat gathering with food and drinks and socializing. Potluck style.

It was fun.

Chili and cornbread (yes, I cooked), cake, cupcakes, chili con queso, chips, cookies, fruit...and of course Halloween candy.

We started out around 6:30-ish. The kids were loving it. Of course anytime the cuties get to hang out with cousins - they are in HEAVEN!! So, trick or treating with the whole crew was their idea of awesome. Our neighborhood had a block party - and they certainly did NOT skimp by any means. There was a ride on train and food galore. I'm thinking that maybe I should pick up and move down the block to where the festivities were held...they certainly knew how to party!

It was a fun, family-friendly, food-filled night with lots of friends and family. Perfect.

Let's do it again next year!


Karen said...

It was a great night. The kids and parents had a ball.

Robin said...

It was a great time. I'm looking forward to next year!

Krystal said...

Of course Jakey had to be a football player! Lil looks soooo cute!

Next year Im coming to your house for F-U-N!!!