Sunday, November 22, 2009

Me Thankful

Yes, it's been awhile.
I've been sleepy.
And lazy.
And trying to catch up on hours of DVR.
And looking at the Toys R Us BIG book with the Cuties.
I am soooo far behind in blogging.
And...I've got a list of "To Do" blogs.
Do you know what that looks like?
Scribbles and scribbles and scribbles of ideas.
That seem to add up...
but very few ever make it to the blog.
Today - I am focused on Thanksgiving.
This week actually, I am focused on being Thankful.
And, thankful....I am thankful for so many things.

Today, I am thankful for SUNDAY NIGHT DINNERS. This kind of weekly tradition started several years ago. I am not quite sure how it came about. It was kind of by accident. We all started going to my parents for a good 'ole home cooked meal. It just happened we always went on Sundays. Then...we continued with the next Sunday. And, the next. And, the next. And pretty soon....we called it Sunday Night Dinner. I love it. The Cuties love it. And the Hottie especially loves it.

Tonight was the best kind of Sunday Night Dinner. Why??? Because it involved my very favorite meal. French Dip. Deeeeeeeeeeeelicious. I do not know anyone that makes French Dip like my mom. I love it. And, tonight seemed especially delicious. Ooohhh and to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving, my mom even had pumpkin pie for dessert. Mmmmmmmm. I was literally in heaven.

Sunday Night Dinner is very casual. And, really anyone is invited. The best part is just the family time. The catching up. The gossiping. The boys watching sports. The girls chatting and chatting. The kids laughing and playing. Tonight we were joined by MaryLou, Bart, Aunt Karen, Robin, Aaron, Lincoln, and London. It was extra special and extra fun. The more the merrier.

Thanks Mom and Dad - I really, really love Sunday Night Dinners. Yes, of course I love the meal...but, I love the company more.


Krystal said...

We do the same thing with my In-Loves on Sunday! Its the best!

Robin said...

I agree. The food was deeeelicious! And the company was awesome too!