Monday, November 30, 2009

Wishing for Griswold-like Lights

The Hottie LOVES to put up Xmas lights. Don't let him fool you. He may say he doesn't...but, he's like a kid in a candy store during this week of EVERY year.

We put our lights up the weekend following Thanksgiving - just like about every other person in America. Our lights take several days to complete. You'd think we'd end up like the Griswold's. Not that the Hottie doesn't dream about that...we just don't have that many lights.

Every year we talk about getting more...but, who wants to spend money on more and more lights??? Especially when what you have is sufficient?

A few years ago our neighbors (that we don't know) had these candy cane-like, sparkle stakes. Not like the standard ones you see....WAAAAY better. We admired them for years. Then, two years ago...after Xmas, they placed them out in their bulk garbage pickup.


I made the Hottie go get them and bring them home for the next year. He reluctantly did just that. Well, guess what?? We tried to use them last year and they were broken. I guess that's why they were at their bulk pickup. I guess that's what we get for trying to steal our neighbor's trash.

Today, I was at Walmart (my fave) and I found the standard (but, still lovely) yard candy canes. For $2.50!! It was a sign. I scooped them up and bought them. The Cuties were excited. They know their daddy is not satisfied with just a little bit of lights. And, of course they want our house to light up the entire neighborhood.

Brady noticed he could make a heart by placing two candy canes together. The Cuties waited for the Hottie to get home and yelled..."Surprise!! We love you." The Hottie was thrilled. And, he can't wait to put them up. Hopefully, this will hold him over until next year.

But, you gotta admit...the most festive houses are the best houses.

p.s...not that you're surprised, but the Hottie has a diagram of where each strand of lights belongs...with pictures. And, each strand is carefully rolled up, taped, and given a letter to correspond with the diagram. Don't you totally think we were seriously made for each other??


Karen said...

I am not surprised that Bryan has a schematic. I do like the putting each strand of lights away properly. Could he please talk to Dougie about putting lights away correctly. Dougie stuffs them in a plastic bucket and then complains that we need to buy more lights. Every year I am spending over $100 to replace the ones he's broken.

Ashley said...

AGREE! LOVE Christmas and everything TACKY that goes with it! :)