Sunday, November 8, 2009

Piggy Back Rides

When I was little...I would sleep walk. But, not anywhere dangerous, or scary (like outside) just to my parent's bedroom. I seriously did it every single night until I was like 20. Just kidding...probably like the 1st grade.

My parents hated it. We'd all do it. All 4 of us did it at some time or another in our lives. Sometimes when we would try to enter...the door would be locked. That would not discourage us in the least bit. We'd just lay down right there outside the door in the hallway.

Somehow...I've passed on this sleep-walking gene to the Cuties. Thankfully...they just walk to our room and not anywhere else. But, sharing a bed with a 2 or a 5 year old S-U-C-K-S...big time! We take turns (or the Hottie mostly takes the turn) returning the Cuties to their room. Thankfully, it's not an every night occurrence. But, it happens often enough that it is super frustrating.

The Cuties tend to have a hard time going to bed, too. They're scared of monsters. The Hottie has taught them to make forts with their pillows to "block" out the monsters. And...for the last several months, they have been escorted to bed via piggy back. They love it. And, it somehow makes them forget about the monsters. So every night, when bedtime arrives - the Cuties make the decision as to who gives the piggy back ride that night - Mommy or Daddy. It's exciting. They love it...and it works.

But, I guess...who wouldn't want to be carried to bed by piggy back? Right? It certainly makes bedtime fun!

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Karen said...

That is so cute. I loved to sleep in Nan and Pop's bed. They hated it too, I loved it. Made you feel so safe. I love the pillow idea.