Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday Night Costco Trip

Wow. I am certainly feeling old tonight. Life with kids makes Friday and Saturday nights relatively calm. Most of the time. That's okay - I enjoy it. Even our Friday Night Costco Trips.

I'm out of space on my camera chip. I have 3 chips. They're all full. Unbelievable. I guess it's been awhile since our Costco dinner night out. Hopefully, we're not the only ones in America to take the whole family out to Costco for dinner. You can't beat feeding a family of 4 for $7...and that includes a churro.

Friday Night Costco Trips start out like at the photo center while the Hottie and the Cuties browse (and dream) the TVs. After uploading 500 pictures....I find the rest of the family and we head off to walk the store. This is my favorite time of the year. Costco is all decked out in Christmas and the Cuties happily run through the aisles of toys wishing for every one of them to be under the tree. After we pickup a couple snack items for Brady's school the checkout we go. Then....dinner time. Yes, pizza, hot dogs and soda. What else could you want? Yes, not the healthiest....but, certainly delicious and cheap. We return home and put the Cuties to bed...8pm. The Hottie and I lay on the couch watching TV for the rest of the night.

Yes, it is a Friday night.

No restaurants, no clubbing, not even a beer. Just the 4 of us browsing Costco. Not what I imagined...better. pictures...remember - no space on the chips??? And, I haven't made it to Costco to pickup the pictures. And...I'm the wacko that won't delete them until I know for sure I have them safe and sound on a disc. Me = FREEEEAK! Here's an oldie that I love...

p.s....sorry I missed last night's post - but, I fell asleep while lounging on the couch with the Hottie. surprise. surprise.

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Karen said...

You definetely are an old married couple. It's the simple things in life that are most precious. Enjoy this time. Before you know it you will have teenagers that wouldn't be caught dead at Costco with you.